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Sun, May 05


Talma school

Keravan kevätpolkaisu sportive ride

Challenge yourself, and maybe your friends as well, in this Gran Fondo!

Keravan kevätpolkaisu sportive ride
Keravan kevätpolkaisu sportive ride

Aika & Paikka

May 05, 2024, 12:00 PM

Talma school, Satotalmantie 11, 04240 Sipoo, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

ROUTE The route of this sportive ride runs mainly through the wonderful landscapes of Kerava and Sipoo, and altogether through five municipalities (Sipoo, Kerava, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, Pornainen). Challenge yourself one either the full 96km distance or on a more moderate 48km distance. The full distance is ridden as two laps. Time is taken for all participants.

SpringPolkaisu2018GPS track of the route. The road on the route is in normal condition, but between Nikkilä and Talma the road is in bad condition. Special attention and caution must be observed on this section.


The event center is located at Talma school (Satotalmantie 11, 04240 Talma). There is parking, number redemption, dressing/washing facilities and a canteen, as well as the distribution of raffle prizes and KevätPolkaisu awards.

The event center has a buffet, a preliminary results service, washing facilities, first aid equipment and parking spaces for cars.


Registration opens by 31 March 2023.

  • €50 when you register by April 24, 2023
  • €60 when you register by May 1, 2023
  • €70 when you register on or after 2 May 2023 (also on site)

Group registration agreements: Tuomas Turunen (

The price of the event includes a warm meal (roast meat or vegetable soup).

The best three of each start will be rewarded! (men and women - full distance and half distance).


Cycle Club Helsinki's athletes are pulling three; 33km/h, 30km/h and 27km/h. 25 km/h will be organized as a new speed group, if there is demand. You don't have to register for pace groups and you can move between them freely during the event. Speed groups offer a comfortable approach for people who need a steady load and a certain average speed.


Each rider is timed and the results are published on the KevätPolkaisu website. At KevätPolkaisu, exercisers drive at their own risk, following traffic rules. The use of a helmet is mandatory. Crossing the center line is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

At intersections, there is a traffic controller stopping other traffic and showing the direction to turn. If there is no traffic controller, drive according to the traffic rules, the route is marked with arrow signs.

The race number is attached to the right side of the driver's jacket so that it can be easily read at the race finish.

Participants are reminded to pay attention to driving in a group. You should practice riding in a group either in a group of friends or on joint runs organized by clubs. Basic rules for driving in a group Drive straight and keep your lane, avoid sudden turns, acceleration or braking. Try to keep your hands on the handlebars, look in the direction of travel and ride from the saddle. Point out potential hazards to others in the group as follows: 1. When turning, show hand signal to the right or left 2. About a danger on the road, e.g. a mountain, the finger is pointed downwards towards the obstacle. 3. When stopping, raise your hand. 4. If there is an obstacle on the side of the road, it is indicated by pointing its side inwards with the hand.

Special Since it is a joint start, triathlon poles/time trial poles are not recommended.

There is a railway level crossing on the route (section: Nikkilä - Talma), which must be crossed with caution due to the slippery rails. The rails are particularly slippery in rainy or otherwise damp weather. If the traffic and driving situation allows it, it is good to cross the rails as perpendicularly as possible and "lighten the front end".

The road on the route is in normal condition, but between Nikkilä and Talma the road is in poor condition, especially up to the level crossing mentioned above. Special attention and caution must be observed on this section.

Contact information: Tuomas Turunen

+358 40 09 97 337

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