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Pepen tempo

CCH's rock-hard classic from decades ago

Pepen Tempo has a 10km / 5km pace that is always run through the entire summer season every week. The same challenging time-driving route has been run since the 1990s. 768 different people have tried to break the route record (own or general :)

Same day (spring-autumn Wednesday), same route, no explanations but always a good feeling !!!


The pace is open to everyone, and no pre-registration is required, all you have to do is show up, register with Pepe and start preparing for a really hard run!

Route records:
Men general - Tommi Martikainen - 12min 16 sec (2019)

Women general - Lotta Lepistö - 13min 13 sec (2018)

CCH companion record men - Aki Turunen - 12min 31 sec (2010)

CCH companion record women - Minna Särkioja - 14min 28 sec (2018)

Time and place:

  • On Wednesdays from 18:00

  • Sotungintie (see map)

In the picture "Pepe" aka Pertti Sirén.

Pepe's tempo results

Results through the ages.

This is rarely updated during the season. Updated 7/22/2021

Statistical times for all years

2021 -
  Google sheets.  

2020 -  Google sheets.

2019 -  Google sheets.

2018 -  Google sheets.  

Separate results from CCH 2018 club championship times. 

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