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CCH operation


CYCLE CLUB HELSINKI (CCH) organizes active recreational and competitive activities in all cycling disciplines, from juniors to masters. The main focus is on sports that can be ridden with drop handlebars.


We have created the conditions for the top of cycling for 25 years. During that time, the members of our club have won e.g. almost 300 national gold medals.

CCH has operated very actively since the beginning and, above all, year-round. During the winter seasons, Myllypuro's Liikuntamylly has enabled the club's joint winter training indoors. In the summer season, the focus is naturally on the road, the Helsinki Olympic Velodrome and off-road. ​

Naturally, the most members are from Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo, but also from further afield. About half of the club's members have a racing license.

The club was founded in 1998. Its background includes Pyörä Toverit and Helsinki Työväen Pyörä-Veikot, founded in 1930. CCH is a member of Suomen Pyöräily ry.

The club's action plan for 2023 in Finnish can be found here.

Winter season 2022-2023

Liikuntamylly's track riding shifts (admission with club shift is free for members):

  • Tuesday at 20:30-22:00

  • Friday at 20:30-22:00 (Pepe's Track Cup)

  • Saturday 8:00-9:30

Pepe's guided roller training (admission with a one-time fee at own expense, guidance free for members).​

  • Thursday from 19:00 to 20:00

In addition to the track, you can use the muscle training area and Wattbikes.

All these will continue until the end of April 2023.

NOTE! Drive safely on the track with consideration for others. Carefully crossing the track to the middle area before starting your own driving shift.

Speedy joint rides outdoors:

  • Saturday 10:00, Tammiston McDonald's

  • Sunday 10.00, Tammiston McDonald's​​

Summer season 2023
No Liikuntamylly training sessions

Wednesday at 18:00 Pepen Tempo, Sotungintie (5/10km tempo run) CLASSIC!

Track cycling: see

Speedy joint rides:

  • Saturday 10:00, Tammiston McDonald's

  • Sunday 10.00, Tammiston McDonald's​

In addition, there are separately agreed exercises and runs for the competition teams, about which you can get more information from the members of the competition team. The team will be informed about these via their own WhatsApp group and FB pages. More information from the IH competition team page.

We also recommend numerous group runs organized by various clubs in the capital region, where traditionally many CCH colors have also been seen. These include e.g. HePo's Wednesday run from Kuninkaanmäki and IK32's Tuesday EWDR (Espoo Weekly Drop Races) from Bemböle's coffee house.

Benefits and benefits for members

Discounts, rehearsals, activities, events and competitions, license, equipment lending, Joint loops and exercises, competition teams

CCH outfit

CCH has two club riding outfits: the general of the club and the CCH-IH competition team. These should be used in competitions and may be used at other times, including in practice.

Tule mukaan!

Join the club!

With an annual membership fee of € 95 for adults, you can get involved and take part in guided exercises. CCH offers its members the opportunity to grow and develop in the spirit of cycling and varied sports.  

The membership fees for Juniors are: 13-18 years 55 € and under 12 years 30 €. Family membership is 250 €.

To join the club, please leave your contact information in the form below. You can also contact Hanna Stammeier, the club's secretary for membership: 045 676 5245, hanna.stammeier (at)

More information about joining the race team  CCH Racing Supports Icehearts  or  CCH Racing Women  pages.

Haluan liittyä CCH:n jäseneksi!

Kiitos! Vastaamme sinulle sähköpostitse.

Contact information

Jaakko Antikainen


Member of the Board

050 3488 996

jaakko.antikainen (at)

Juho Ala-Peijari


040 198 2135

juho.alapeijari (at)

Aarno Heikkilä


0400 940 615

aarno.heikkila (at)

Mikko Leisti

Junior Coaching

040 064 0090


Esko Lius 

Chairperson of the Board


Member of the Board

040 132 6492

esko.lius (at)

Joni Oilinki 

Vice member of the Board

040 834 5591

joni.oilinki (at)


Viivi Puskala 

Vice member of the Board

Sini Savolainen

Women, track

Member of the Board

040 539 9486

sinimerike.savolainen (at)

Pertti 'Pepe' Sirén

Honorary chair of the Board

pertti.siren (at)

Hanna Stammeier

Membership matters

Member of the Board

045 676 5245

hanna.stammeier (at)

Teemu Tomberg

CCH-IH team

Member of the Board

040 538 2070

teemu.tomberg (at)

Tuomas Turunen

Event organization

Member of the Board

040 099 7337

tuomast (at)

General email address of CCH

The rules of the association can be found as a PDF here .

Privacy statement and processing of personal data (link).


Rules and privacy

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