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Sun, Dec 10


Exercise mill

Chasing the buck

Line rides & time trials for hand cyclists

Chasing the buck
Chasing the buck

Aika & Paikka

Dec 10, 2023, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Exercise mill, Jauhokuja 3, 00920 Helsinki, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

Fri 16.12.2022 at 20:30 - 21:30 (reservation until 22:00) 

Traditional at Liikuntamylly in Myllypuro

Buck chasing competitions

Species and classes

  • M/N4, M/N6: 200m line race
  • M/N8, N/M10: 600m line drive
  • N/M12, N/M14, N/M16 and Na/M (incl. Masters) 1km line race

If necessary, insufficient departures are combined into the same departure (i.e. age groups of the same trip are combined). 

N/M8 and younger can participate on any bike. Older than that on a track/road bike with inch restrictions.

In all classes, the goal is to drive two line races, where the points are distributed (6p for the fastest, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1p for the last.)

The winner is the one with the most points per category. If there are more than 6 participants in the class, the first two heats, the heat and the semi-final, will be run, dividing by points for the final. 

Hand cyclists have one start 1 km time trial. N/A

Schedule and registration

The competitions start at approx. 20:30. You can come to the indoor track to warm up at 8 p.m. by riding on rollers or a small area.

The participation fee is €5 (both for adults and children).

The participation fee is used to buy traditional chocolate bunny prizes.

Register here.

Payment of €5 to the club's account: Cycle Club Helsinki ry FI08 1011 3000 2190 13

Competition director: Pertti Siren

Competition secretary: Sini Savolainen

Timing and results service: Tiit Itarand

Participation does not require a license. But have your own insurance or license insurance.

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