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Ride your next gran fondo in Hungary!

kolme pyöräilijää kilpa-autoradan mutkassa, taustalla tyhjää katsomon osaa
Kinga Őry at the Hungaroring 24 hours race event in 2022 (at the front, in yellow jersey).

There are many cycling events in Hungary that offer great riding opportunities for Finnish cyclists as well.

Cycle Club Helsinki members now have a very natural link there, as the Hungarian rider Kinga Őry recently joined our club.

She got to know the Finnish cycling scene through Saimaa Cycle Tour last year. Finland and later CCH felt like a second home, so she decided to join our club and act as a link between the two countries.

In the CCH Facebook group Őry presented two interesting events in Hungary. Basic information about these are copied below.

Got interested? Contact Kinga Őry, e.g. via Facebook/Messenger or CCH's Whatsapp group. She can help with your travel arrangements regarding transport and accommodation.

kuvakaappaus pyörätapahtuman sivustolta, taustakuvassa ajetaan pyörillä ylämäkeen kylässä
You may get your place for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championship finals at the Neusiedlersee event. Screenshot is from the event's website.

1. Neusiedlersee Radmarathon /23.04.2023/

This race is a part of the UCI Gran Fondo series. Lake Neusiedler is located on the border of Austria and Hungary. You can choose from 2 distances to complete the gran fondo.

2. Balatonfondo /01.05.2023/

Balatonfondo road cycling granfondo is created to commemorate the Big Start of the Giro d’Italia 2022 in Hungary. Participants can ride on the same roads as used for the second stage of the Giro, won by Mark Cavendish in Balatonfüred.

The first Balatonfondo will be held on 01.05.2023, starting from the capital of the Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred. The distance is 140 km, with 1.500 m elevation through the picturesque landscape of the Balaton Uplands National Park. You can choose from 3 distances to complete the gran fondo.

More info about the race:

Both gran fondos are open to everybody (license is not required).



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